ARGVS is the new work of Luisa Amaro which reaffirms the original, fascinating universe of the voice of Portuguese guitar.  
Inspired by classical Mediterranean emotions, the composer is now making an historical u-turn in the destiny of Portuguese identity. The traditional “Atlantic calling” of Lusitanian evolution no longer makes sense. Luisa interweaves Greek-Roman lyricism with her legacy of cultures and emotions, and explores the world of the Mediterranean, using sounds to create memories repeated in time and the meaning of the essence of being.
Luisa Amaro brings us the sound of the Portuguese guitar in an international quartet. Its cosmopolitan quality is reinforced by the multilingual interpretation of Kyriacoula Constantinou, a singer who won the 2010 Anguissola-Scotti Chamber Music Prize in the folk music category, as a member of the Krama Ensemble. 
ARGVS – Luisa Amaro’s new album 
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June 30