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The launching of Argvs, the new CD of Luisa Amaro, is an inner journey. More than just a tribute to Homer’s Odyssey and of all of his Ulysses, whether human or not; more than a work that talks about the crossroads at which Europe finds itself at this time; more than a return to the Mediterranean, gateway for tolerance between people and continents – this work is a cry of self-determination from an extraordinary musical interpreter - Luisa Amaro.  
For once, perhaps cradled by the voice of Kyriacoula Constantinou, Luisa decided not to go back or at least I never felt that when I listened to Argvs. An intense, glorious past in which she accompanied Carlos Paredes and was his shadow, a shadow which can become unenviable for  a person whose fortune and destiny has also given them something to tell the world. How can you stop being a shadow and become a being of flesh and blood? How can you start to live your own life and shine your own light? How can you not always try to go back to the places where you were once happy, to the places where something might have been left undone, an intuition, a possible path?
A little like relationships in crisis. It seems like a ridiculous comparison but I do not think it is. Between two people there is always time and their circumstances – as the days go by, there are misunderstandings, betrayals, a mincing of words and a knowledge of one another that did not exist when everything was passion and hope of eternity. When taking stock of the relationship and making new promises, one or the other tries to get closer to the happier days, to go back to the beginning. Failure awaits them. It is just like a creative partnership, in a painting, in a film or in a musical score.
Argos, the faithful dog of Ulysses, is also a metaphor for Luisa Amaro. After the death of Paredes, she also waited patiently for a sign from her master, and in a sense she waited for his return, for the call of his genius. I believe that Paredes/Ulysses really did return in the form of Argos/Luisa, and with this return finally set his faithful shadow free.
A Penelope has been transformed into Ulysses. Luisa Amaro’s journey is within, like all great journeys, and takes her towards her Ithaca, to her own dreams. Her patient and tortuous journey contrasts with these times, with this impatient dawn – these times where everyone seems to live from answers for today, anxious for what life has to offer, lovers of permanent novelty, coping badly with setbacks, tired of the same places, of the same people, of the same subjects. An impatient society is like that too. Volatile. Schizophrenic. Going from event to event, drama to drama, consumption to consumption, desire to desire. An impatient society, like a person who cannot wait, cannot have hope. For hope is not a dream but a waiting. We no longer know how to do it, we want it today and not tomorrow.
This Argvs really is a waiting, and is paradoxically also a journey. A slow, very slow journey - to us, to what we have to resolve, to be able to follow our own path.
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